Our history stems from UK and European racing exploits, with podiums and class wins throughout a succession of championships, from the 24Hour of Barcelona with the Creventic Series to the Britcar Production Series.
We offer our clients arrive and drive packages in our own vehicles or provide the necessary support for drivers with their own vehicles who simply require our knowledge and experience trackside or preparing their car in our workshop throughout the year, for either track days, test days or race events.

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With the resurgance of European touring car series, we offer arrive and drive packages in our SEAT Leon Cup Racer, specially suited to the below series.

SEAT Leon Eurocup
The most popular single make series in Europe sees full grids of 30+ international drivers battle it out on FIA F1 approved circuits and live television coverage and online streaming.
ZRE 2016 SEAT Leon Eurocup presentation...

TCR Series
The new TCR initiative lends perfectly to the strengths of the SEAT Leon Cup Racer, being elegible for TCR Benelux, ADAC TCR Germany, TCR Italy and the main TCR World Series.
ZRE 2016 TCR Series presentation...

24H Series
The 24H Series has been a successful hunting ground for us with the SEAT in past seasons and with a special TCR spec class, the competition is always very intense, whether that be the once or twice round the clock races.
ZRE 2016 24H Series presentation...

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Britcar Dunlop Production Endurance Series
The Britcar Series has endured a total rebrand for 2016 and see's the re-introduction of the previously popular production series which could be the perfect feeding ground for the SEAT Leon Cup Racer.
ZRE 2016 Dunlop Production Endurance Series presentation...



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