- Body panel manufacturing
- Trackside support
- Driver coaching
- Pre & post race maintenance
- Complete race car set up service
- Bespoke build-design projects
- Shell preparation
- Routine maintenance
- Renovation
- Engine/Gearbox Rebuilds
- DSG Software Upgrades
- Mechatronic System Testing
- Composite Repairs

All these performance enhancing upgrades are replica watches uk suitable and can be modified and tamed differently, whether your looking for a sprint-race car, or a car for endurance.

SEAT Leon/VAG Upgrades:
- Staged power upgrades (+31bhp, +46bhp, +60/80bhp)
- Enhanced damper performance (improved handling and fine tuning)
- Brake upgrades (endurance and sprint options)
- Engine building
- DSG Gearbox rebuilds
- DSG Software upgrades